Purchasing Referrals?

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We all know, to boost ptc earnings, we have to have referrals - as many as possible. Most of the ptcs offer referrals to be sold, but there are several things to think about.

So before purchasing referrals-

First, think: Is the site reliable? Does it really payout? How long has it been in the business? Will the referrals remain attracted to the site? 
If the site seems a bit like scam, you should not invest your money. And also, dont invest in sites which are not too attractive for its members.
The best are the sites which allow payment for referral purchases through the site account. So you can pay from what you have earnt. These sites are usually trustworthy.

Secondly, think : Does the site offers REAL referrals? Some sites are rumoured to sell fake referrals. For example, you may pay money for 20 referrals. As they dont guarantee about the referrals being active, so you just see a few of them being active. You dont know whether the inactive ones are for real or not.

And then, think: Is the price well justified? How long will it take you to earn back the money from your referrals? If the expected time is large, you should not invest. For example, WORDLINX. This is a very good site in terms of number of ads available. Ads are added throughout the day, and each is 1c worth. But referral commission the site offers is just 5%. So for each 20 ads your referral clicks, you receive 1 c. But referrals cost about $1 each. So earning your money back should take a long time, furthermore provided that your referral remains active.

If you follow these simple rules, you will be able to face profits within a good time.

I also have a couple of programs through which i get free referrals. Maybe i will review them some day later. Thanks to all.

Adbux: The King Drops Down

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This is one of the biggest, oldest, and trusted ptc site. They are said to set the standard of all ptc-s existing now. But recently, there is a big drop in their no. ads to click. Users get a max. of 4-5 ads per day, and it might be even as low as 2 per day for some. It is justified from some angle if you consider the fact that they have a member baso of about 600,000 members! However, there is no question about their reliability, and they are sure to come up with an improvised service.


An excellent offers section consisting of about 300 offers, half of which are free. Anyone can make a very good earning from the offers section alone.

Payment Proofs - http://ptctalk.com/proofs.php?site=AdBux  (copy and paste in new window)

Overall Rating:    (4/5 stars)


1. Reliability: Full marks. Has existed and survived through years. No question to ask about payment issues. Has a member base of about 600,000 members, and the no. is constantly increasing.
Rating: (5/5)

2. No. of ads: Oh this is the most bad part. They are offering very few no. of ads currently, though used to offer more even a month back. However, they are a brand name, and you can expect the drought to end within a month or two. Offers 2-4 ads typically. Rate range from 0.5 to 1 cents, with the most being 1 cent one.
Rating: (3/5)

3. Payment options and Time: Pays through Alertpay only (outgoing). Aceepts google checkout and alertpay for any payments you have to make (incoming). Pays on a net 15 basis, that is, twice a month.
Rating: (4/5)

4. Referral earnings: 100%. You get 1 cent for each 1 cent ad your referral clicks. This is a very good thing, and your earning can flourish fast with a few no. of active referrals. Nothing can get better.
Rating: (5/5)

5. Support: Very bad. Email queries are not always answered. Got a forum which is very helpful as you will always get some member to answer your question quickly, but the admin rarely shows up in threads, and doesn't usually post out of notifications. They don't meet the standard they are expected to maintain.
Rating: (3/5)

6. Other Options: Oh they offer a lot. There is a separate 'offers' section, boasting over 300 offers currently, more than half of which is 100% free. You can make a good earning from this section alone, and this is the feature which makes it a high recommendation. You even earn commission from referral offer completions. Excellent.
Rating: (5/5)

OVERALL, the only thing that gets the site a down rate is the lack of ads to be offered currently. All other features are quite good. Should be a good start for newbies into the ptc scene.

TO JOIN, click on the image below or click on the link provided above.

Advercash; Number 1 on PTC Talk

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I plan to start off with the best of the sites. Not only is it no.1 on PTC Talk, but is very well rated in a lot of other reviews and sites. When searching for complains about ptc, i have never got one about this site.
Click HERE to join Advercash

Payment proofs - http://www.ptctalk.com/proofs.php?site=Advercash          (copy and paste in new window)



1.Reliability: The best you can expect. Very well rated in all reviews. A member of the well reputed TitanCash Network. Sure to pay its members. Rating - (5/5)
Check the PTC Talk rating, which is solely based on user votes.
http://www.ptctalk.com/top10.php          (copy and paste in new window)

2.No. of ads: 6-8. Reasonable amount. bux.to and dailyclicks surely offers a lot more, but you have to consider the complains and discontents against these sites regarding referral and payment issues lately. Rates per click are 0.5 to 1.5 cents. The disadvantage is, most of the ads are 0.5 cent ones.Rating - (4/5)

3.Payment options and time: Used to be Paypal and check only, but recently, as a result of the ongoing paypal issues, titancash decides to start a payment processor of their own. The new processor promises to tag no or very little fee for incoming and outgoing payments, and will pay international members too.
And for payment time, advercash pays twice a month, on 15th and 30th. Any claim is cleared
within the next payment date. Rating - (4/5)

4.Referral earnings: 100% commission on referral clicks. Means, you are commissioned as much as your referrals gain for themselves. Also, the referral sets they sell are genuine (unlike the very popular bux.to, who actually sell imaginary referrals). This is one site you would like your friends to join. Rating - (5/5)

5.Support: Awesome. Offers support tickets, a chatroom, and a forum. The admin, Cronus, really pays time in communicating with his members. Owner-member relationship is really important in ptc businesses, where you see deceptions, rumours and gossips all the time.
Rating - (5/5)

6.Other options: Besides ad clicks, there are offers to complete (free offers ranging from $0.5-2.50, trial and paid offers pay even more) and registration ads. Registration ads are not very encouraging. Offers seem ok. Rating - (3/5)

So, overall, this is as good as a ptc can get. I highly recommend this site, and newbies planning to start ptc-ing must try this out. To join, use the link provided at the beginning of this post, or click the image below. 

For another good review, check
http://www.ptctalk.com/reviews.php?review=AdverCash          (copy and paste in new window)

I am starting this blog to serve HONEST reviews on various money earning sites. In the past few months, i have learnt a good deal on the money earning sites, and am looking forward to sharing my experience. Although most of the sites were scams and wastes of great energy, a very few proved to be pretty good. However, i will review ptc sites here at regular intervals, and include all advantages and disadvantages, links to payment proofs, rankings, articles and/or links to identify scam sites, and everything else that might seem relevant.
I might also feature and review GPT and some other sites, which offers money. For starters, i will mention how to get paypal, alertpay, moneybookers and e-gold accounts, as these are the most common methods to receive payments.
So the catch is, i share all my knowledge and direct you towards your desired sites; and get some referrals, friends and partners during the process.
Thanks to all, blessed be, have fun, make $money$.